Charitable Giving
Our donors may also designate to the Charitable Giving program which includes the support of the following:
•            Arts Education
•            Baldy View ROP Foundation
•            Upland Community Partnership for Youth Development
•            Foothill Family Shelter
•            Pacific Lifeline (LMWS, Inc.)
•            Fire Victims Relief Fund
•            Upland High School Chorale
•            UFD – Reserve Firefighters
Upland Public Library
We are very thankful to so many residents and businesses who contributed to the fund-raising events for the Upland Public Library. We were able to fund the following initiatives with your support:

•            Purchased carpet, nine computers, furniture, and books
•            Established an endowment fund for library operations
•            Endowment also funds special projects
•            Created the Drew Richards Student Achievement Center
•            Extended the library hours to include Sunday for 2002-2003
Partnership Projects
Our Partnership Projects have funded some very large initiatives that have made a significant difference for the kids and for the community. They include:

•            UFC Skateboard Park
•            Carnegie Library Building Renovation
•            Waiting Station Renovation
Preserving Our Heritage
The Foundation has also been very active in preserving our heritage by adding programs of interest including:

•            Hosting an annual Spotlight Awards to honor individuals who have contributed greatly to our community
•            Sponsoring an Art Show
•            Funding Two Murals – Our Legacy & Upland Pride
•            Published Citrus Roots… Our Legacy
•            Published William G. Kerckhoff – Utility Empire Builder
Upland Adopt- A-Soldier Military Banner Program
The Upland Adopt A Soldier Military Banner Program is a non profit organization that raises money for banners to be hung throughout the City of Upland to recognize our Men and Women who are actively serving in the military and protecting our country. It is run by volunteers and all banners are purchased and placed using the donations received. One large fundraiser is held every year in June, that raises several thousand dollars. If you would like to help by donating, please click How You Can Help and donate using Pay Pal. Thank you for your support!
Ontario Fury Professional Indoor Soccer's Fury Foundation
The Fury Foundations mission is to help children through educational, health and soccer based programs. With the help from the community, the Fury Foundation will continue to support organizations and activities dedicated to encouraging, educating and empowering the children in our community utilizing our unique standing in the world of professional sports for the enhancement of the lives of our youth. In joining with the Fury Foundation, you are supporting the Healths-a-Kick program, which is a 45 min assembly designed to educate students on the benefits of eating healthy, exercising and staying away from drugs and alcohol. You will also be supporting Youth Soccer Camps, grants and scholarships. Pledge your support today! Go to How You Can Help and donate using Pay Pal.
Upland Fallen Officer Memorial
Officer Dark served the City of Upland for over 12 years. He gave the ultimate sacrifice when he died in the line of duty on September 17, 1940. He left behind his wife, Walteen and two young children,
Harold (7) and Maxine (5). In partnership with the Upland Community Foundation, the members of the Upland Police Department would like to create a Memorial in honor of our fallen officer. The proposed Memorial will be built on the southeast portion of the Upland Police Department property. All costs associated with the construction of the monument will be from private funding and donations only.
The Memorial will consist of three walls, with three flag poles erected behind them. The wall in the center will have a plaque, in remembrance of Officer Dark. In the center, there will be a statue of an officer kneeling on a pedestal facing the plaque. The area will be surrounded with benches to provide a
seating area for those visiting the memorial.

Tax-deductible donations can be made in any amount. Go to How You Can Help and donate using Pay Pal.

Upland's Homeless Outreach Program

The Homeless Outreach Program has been developed by Chief Brian Johnson of the Upland Police Department. This project is focused on raising funds to serve those that find themselves in a crisis situation and are homeless in our community.