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Railroad Car - Trolly
Can you help us find a Railroad Car or Trolly? We know this is an unusual request but we think it would be a terrific addition to our Waiting Station! Maybe some of you may know who to write to about finding this unique item from the appropriate time period! It was about the turn of the last century. We have willing hands to refurbish the railroad piece. Of course, the donation of the trolly or railroad car would be tax deductable.
If you can donate a portion of the patio - we would be happy to break up the sponsor wall in more names until the concrete is funded. $25,000 in total for the Concrete Courtyard for the patio will be needed!! You may know someone who is in the concrete business who will be willing to assist us by donating a portion of the costs to reduce the total. Thank you!
Mural in the Courtyard
Art Mortimer, the renowned muralist has created a concept rendering that will fill the south courtyard wall. It depicts images of Upland during the Waiting Station era in the days of the Ontario and San Antonio Heights Railroad Company. $30,000 will be needed to fund the entire wall we are happy to accept multiple sponsors for what will become an art landmark for our city.