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Non-Event Annual Fundraiser NO-SHOW Casino Night!
Here’s why!! We are taking this short break to gear up for something new and exciting!!In 2018 we will post Upland’s Field of Honor – a flag display in honor of our heroes during thedays surrounding Memorial Day.We all have heroes in our lives - military veterans and those still serving, first responders, andmany others whose service is selfless. Flags will bring volunteers and visitors together in an inspiringdisplay that we hope will soon become an anticipated annual event. All will be invited to experience the panorama of red, white, and blue which is difficult to adequately describe, but once experienced, will leave an indelible imprint forever.So, please DON’T plan to join us this year at the Annual Viva Las Vegas Fundraiser!! Spendvaluable time with your friends and family and give special thanks to all the heroes in your life. Insteadwe ask that you send a donation equivalent to what you would have spent that night.Though we accept contributions throughout the year, we will be giving special thanks to those that send their donations on or before June 3, 2017 (NOTE: Your name may appear in future correspondence).  Please use the buttons below to either choose a suggested donation or click the donation button and choose the amount you would like to give.  Thank you for your support!